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PDFs available upon request.

THAT WOMAN (feature):
In January 1998, Monica Lewinsky would experience the worst day of her life: being held by the FBI for 12 hours without an attorney and forced to consider betraying the president with whom she was having an affair. This is the story of how she survived that day.
THAT WOMAN was a 2020 quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

STARFUCKER (feature):
After a famous movie star's husband tries to kill her, she recruits her loyal glam squad to help her exact revenge by destroying that which he loves most: his status-symbol possessions, his new rebound girlfriend, and, most of all, his Hollywood reputation.

DRIVERLESS (television pilot): 
Set in the near future, DRIVERLESS focuses on a young woman’s unannounced return home: disrupting the launch of her family’s latest driverless car, she sets out to infiltrate her family’s business in order to service the anti-technology agenda of the surrogate family with whom she’s spent the past eight years off the grid.

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